Why Sama

Why SAMA American School

General Information

  • SAMA International School is a private school which was first established in 2005.
  • The American division SAMA American School was established 2010-2011.
  • The school is approved and recognized for its function by the Egyptian MOE (ministry of education) and the civil authorities within its jurisdiction.
  • SAMA was fully operating & first accredited by the NWAC since April 2011.
  • SAMA was fully reaccredited by the AIAA association last April until 2020
  • The school offers the American program from pre-k to G12
  • SAMA American School provides well balanced academic curricula in all areas of education, as well as offering the social and cultural acquiescent environment allows all students to reach their maximum individual potential.
  • The campus includes a special needs and learning difficulties professional department with a highly qualified staff. It works on integrating SN students into mainstream classes in both national and American division achieving very distinguished result at this point.
  • The school offers a Character building program to the elementary students to promote positive moral values and respect the ethical community cultures.
  • The school maintains the organizational capacity to lead, govern and provide quality education.
  • Sama International School used to apply a smart LMS (Learning Management System) all over the school since 2011 to help all the parents in tracking all their child performance records and to be updated with all the needed information they might need to know such as assignments, evaluations, material covered, Calendar and much more.
  • What is new this year as we believe in partnership between parent and school is a CMS (Communication Management System) through a Mobile application linked to the school website to follow up all your child concerns on daily basis and be aware of all the school news, events and notifications simply on your mobile.
  • The school is located on a campus of approximately 5500 square meters serving both national and American schools not to mention an outside parking area of 4000 square meters used for school buses


School Facilities:

  • A separate indoor and outdoor Kindergarten playing area.
  • All students are provided with a softcopy of all textbooks to be used on their private devices to avoid heavy bags.
  • Fully air conditioned equipped classrooms.
  • Lockers for students in classes
  • Smart boards and white boards in all classes
  • 2 Computer labs
  • 2 swimming pools
  • 3 sciences labs
  • School Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Soccer basket and volley ball courts
  • Fully air conditioned and equipped staffrooms
  • Child Day care center
  • Clinic

Busses to all districts

New Sama Staff:

Dear Parents,
It is our great sorrow to announce that Mrs. Rim Lotfy, Sama American Program Director , has decided to resign the duties of her post due to personal circumstances.
Accordingly, Mrs, Gehan Mahmoud will be holding the post of school director, assisted by Mrs. Rasha Hamdy.
Both ladies are already well known to our respected parents, and have contributed a great deal towards the upgrading of our school and the welfare of our students.
Here is a summary for their qualifications.. Mrs. Gehan Mahmoud Highly energetic and responsible School Director with 26 years of experience in education, An established record of successful student and staff leadership. Demonstrated excellence in communication skills with parents, students and staff members. Work Experience Sama International School Joined Sama in June ,2014 till present.. * As a school coordinator, then a school vice director to,  Provide strategic direction in the school system.  Develop standardized curricula.  Assess teaching methods, monitor student achievement, encourage parent involvement, revise policies and procedures.  Hire and evaluate staff. *As a Head of Math Department • Recruit professional calibers for teaching all grade levels. • Design and plan curriculum. • HOD/ staff communication.
SAMA American School
Year 2018-2019
Administration Office
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• Lead and manage all staff members and Motivate them. • Communicate effectively with school administration. • Evaluate and follow up students’ learning. Cambridge Egypt International School. September 2013 till June 2014 Police Academy Altagamoa El Awel, Cairo, Egypt Teaching Mathematics for Middle, and High School. (British Curriculum IGCSE) Queen International School. September 2004 till August 2013 Dubai , United Arab Emirates Teaching Mathematics for secondary stage (British Curriculum IGCSE) . International schools of Egypt 2000 (Nermine Ismail school) September 1999 till August 2004 Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt Head of Mathematics department and a Math teacher for both Egypt National and American Curriculum Integrated Thebes language school September 1999 till August 2004 Ismailea road, Cairo, Egypt Teaching Math for primary Stage and Assisting the Head of Math for primary stage, preparing school booklets, sheets and Exams for the stage. Education Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University. Bachelor of Architectural Engineering. ( 1982 till 1987) AS-Salam College (English mission) High School Diploma ( 1979 to 1982) As-Salam College (English Mission) Elementary and middle school (1970 to 1979
SAMA American School
Year 2018-2019
Administration Office
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Mrs. Rasha Hamdy
Education: Elementary and Mid school at Cork Elementary and Mid School/ Ireland
High school at Ramses College For Girls/ Egypt / (degree : 98.8% )
Faculty OF Languages ( Al- Alsun). Eng. Dep. Ain Shams UNIV.
Courses: MSc Project Management (APM) from Arden University/ U.K.
 Project Management Techniques
 Management of Projects
 Project Analytics
 Data Handling and Decision Making
 Sustainability in Theory and Practice
 Quality Management
 Research Project
 Employment and Professional Experience Sama American School
Academic Vice Director for Elementary/ Mid and High School
Deputy for Middle and High School
Head of English Department ( Elementary – Middle and High School)
(August 2014- up till now)
Green Heights American School
(July 2010- July 2014)
Middle and High School Language Arts’ Head of Department
Thebes American School
(July 2008- June 2010)
Head of English Department- Elementary-Middle and High School
SAT teacher for Grades 10- 11-12
Manaret Al Eman Language School
( July 2007-June 2008)
Head of English Department
Primary and Preparaory Stages
Modern Schools of Egypt 2000
SAMA American School
Year 2018-2019
Administration Office
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September 2005-June 2007)
Teacher of English Language.
*Teaching English language to sixth graders .
Akhnaton American College September 2004- August 2005 Teacher of English Language. Teaching English Language to fifth graders.
The International Schools of Egypt 2000 September 2002-August 2004. Teacher of English Language. Teaching English Language to 2nd and 3rd prep students.
Additional Information :
Mrs. Rasha Hamdy has been chosen among four other Egyptian participants to travel to Denmark among an exchanging
teachers' programme.
Have been asked upon Danish Government request to lecture students all over Danish High Schools and Colleges about Middle East Cultures,, lifestyles and religions. (24th August 2006- 11th October, 2006)
We are here for our students..
Mrs. Gehan Mahmoud
Mrs. Rasha Hamdy


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