Vision And Mission

Vision :

Sama American School aims at directing the energy of its youth into a creative force thereby shaping their characters in mature independent and conscientious members of the community capable of succeeding globally.



  • Sama American School seeks fostering an atmosphere of acquiescence among the school learners.
  • We support students’ engagement in designing and implementing their own lifelong learning journey.
  • We provide a dynamic, challenging and comprehensive curriculum that develops students’ communication skills and builds up confidence, creativity, positive thinking and analytic skills.

Therefore, Sama American School grants citizens ready to leave their prints in tomorrow’s challenging world.



  • We aim to raise the students' level of proficiency in accordance with each student's own talents.
  • We promote living together in a multi cultured community while respecting our own eastern values.
  • We foster acceptance and sense of belonging.
  • We encourage students to esteem each other and to be dynamic members of the Community.
  • We ensure continuity of skills taught and easy transition to the next level through vertical learning.
  • We expand the students' knowledge of practical life skills so that the student will maintain concepts and skills taught.
  • We improve and develop communication skills.
  • We develop and emphasize teamwork and cooperation within peer groups and outside of the classroom.
  • We develop self control, discipline, and conflict resolution skills.
  • We develop and improve reading and writing skills.
  • We extend the students' creativity, imagination and reasoning skills.
  • We relate learning to real-life experiences as to actively promote school spirit and pride through activities, sports, events and daily practices.

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