Channel Book, Circulars Bag and Supply lists

  • We offer various means of communication between home and school. It is one of our major concerns to keep those channels running and updated.
  • Parent will receive a copy of the students supply list that is required to be provided to each grade level student for the year to come.
  • It is strictly the parent/student responsibility to provide those materials at the beginning of each school year all adequately covered and LABELED with Student's Name / Class / School (Sama American S.) clearly.
  • School will not be responsible for the loss of any unlabeled mater.
  • One of the main items on the books list is the Channel Book, which is the quickest channel to communicate with the school staff.
  • It will enclose daily the teachers comments if any. The teachers will also check it on daily basis for any of your comments/inquiries for a prompt response from Grade One up to Grade Four, as for upper grades the student will be requested to show the teacher the comments if any.
  • Another crucial item is the plastic CIRCULARS BAG that will be handed to students. This bag serves as mail box between school and parents.
  • The Circulars bag should be labeled clearly with the student's name and class. This file should be kept in the student's bag and checked daily for circulars / mails from school.

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